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Presenting India's 1st Lithium-ion Battery Pack with 10x lower life degradation.

Powering the Future of Mobility One Electric Vehicle at a time !

The technological innovation in life expansion, safety, connectivity using AI ML and Intelligent cooling system.

Why choose Adiabatic's Li-ion Battery pack over others?

10x less degradation 

With the help of our tech, we bring you the experience of more efficient batteries in case of its life and performance.

Stay connected, updated with your vehicle stats

BMS provides you with the feature of connecting your EV to your smartphone, through which you can get the data of the vehicle anywhere, anytime!

Intelligent cooling system

With our tech the batteries are brought to its original temperature by using smart cooling system which decreases the chances of your battery getting damaged.

Safety is the priority

With all the features of our battery pack the EV rides become much smoother, safer by avoiding incidents of over heating of batteries.

Choose your EV Battery Wisely !

Choose Intelligent Battery For A Wide Range Of Vehicles From Adiabatic Technologies With 10x lower degradation Technology.

Lithium-Ion Batteries For 2-Wheelers

Adiabatic batteries for electric two-wheelers provide a high-capacity and safe power solution, serving as a sustainable and cost-effective choice for your Electric 2-Wheeler be it a bike or scooter. Plus fast charging keeps your anxiety away. Enjoy your green rides when seamlessly when Adiabatic's Lithium-ion battery packs are powering your vehicle. 


Lithium-Ion Batteries For 3-Wheelers

Adiabatic batteries for electric three-wheelers provide a high-capacity, enduring power solution, serving as a sustainable and cost-effective choice for urban trike transportation. Their robust performance and quick charging capabilities cater to the unique requirements of three-wheeled electric vehicles.


Lithium-Ion Batteries For Cycles

Adiabatic batteries for electric cycles offer a lightweight and efficient energy source, providing extended range and dependable power for electric bicycles. Their compact design and rapid recharging make them a practical choice for eco-conscious commuting.


Lithium-Ion Batteries For Drones

Adiabatic batteries for drones offer a lightweight and high-energy-density power source, providing extended flight times and reliable performance for unmanned aerial vehicles. Their compact design and rechargeable nature make them ideal for the demands of drone technology.


Lithium-Ion Batteries For Energy Systems

Adiabatic's lithium-ion based batteries for energy systems are versatile, high-capacity storage solutions that play a crucial role in renewable energy integration, backup power, and grid stabilization. Their efficiency and scalability make them an essential component for modern energy storage applications.

Recommended Products

Explore Adiabatic Technologies' recommended products, where cutting-edge lithium-ion batteries meet your energy needs with unrivaled performance and reliability. Discover the ideal power solutions for a sustainable and efficient future.

Our Story

Welcome to Adiabatic Technologies, a leading manufacturer of cutting-edge lithium-ion batteries. With a commitment to innovation and sustainability, we specialize in crafting advanced energy solutions that power the future. Our team of experts is dedicated to delivering reliable, high-performance battery solutions that meet the evolving needs of various industries. At Adiabatic Technologies, we take pride in our state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and rigorous quality control, ensuring that our lithium-ion batteries excel in efficiency, safety, and durability. With a focus on eco-friendly technology and a vision for a greener tomorrow, we are your trusted partner for sustainable energy storage solutions.

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