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Battery Design Engineer

Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, India

Job Type

Full Time



About the Role

As a Battery Design Engineer, your role is pivotal in advancing Li-ion battery technology at our manufacturing company. You'll focus on designing and optimizing battery systems, with an emphasis on thermal management. Proficiency in CAD/CAM software and a deep understanding of battery technology are essential.


1.Battery System Design: Lead Li-ion battery system design, emphasizing thermal management, performance, and safety.
2.CAD/CAM Utilization: Expertly use CAD/CAM software for precise and efficient battery system designs.
3.Thermal Management: Implement effective thermal control strategies to enhance battery performance and safety.
4.Component Selection: Choose cost-effective, reliable components and materials.
5.Prototyping: Collaborate on building and testing battery prototypes, iterating designs as needed.
6.Safety Compliance: Ensure designs meet safety and regulatory standards (e.g., UL, IEC).
7.Documentation: Maintain comprehensive design documentation.
8.Collaboration: Work closely with cross-functional teams for successful battery system integration.
9.Continuous Improvement: Stay updated on emerging battery tech, thermal management, and CAD/CAM innovations for ongoing design enhancements.

Join us in shaping the future of energy storage solutions as a Battery Design Engineer. If you're a motivated engineer with expertise in battery design, thermal management, and CAD/CAM software, apply now to contribute to cutting-edge energy storage technology.


  • Education: Bachelor's/Masters in Electrical/Mechanical Engineering or related field.

  • Experience: 0-2 years in Li-ion battery system design, with a focus on thermal management.

  • Proficiency in CAD/CAM software for battery design.

  • Battery Technology: In-depth knowledge of Li-ion batteries, chemistry, and safety.

  • Thermal Management: Strong understanding of thermal control in battery systems.

  • Component Selection: Ability to select appropriate components and materials.

  • Safety Compliance: Familiarity with battery safety and regulatory standards.

  • Problem-solving: Excellent troubleshooting abilities for thermal and design challenges.

About the Company

Adiabatic Technologies is a startup founded by IITians that specializes in building intelligent Lithium-ion Batteries. These batteries can be fast charged in just 20 minutes, have a 10X slower degradation rate for a longer lifespan, and offer unparalleled safety.

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