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Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, India

Job Type




About the Role

This is an hybrid internship role located in Ahmednagar as part of the founding team at Adiabatic. The role involves working collaboratively with the founding team to strategize, innovate, coordinate, and build the company from the ground up. The successful candidate will play an integral role in developing and implementing the company's vision and mission, as well as shaping the company's culture and values.

Open Positions for Internship

1.Social Media Manager
Skills: Pat has experience for making short videos and content about a product, SEO, Web development

2.Website Design
Skills: Web development, UI/UX, No code tools( Wix)

3.Hardware Development Engineer
Skills: EMI \EMC, Circuit Design, Architecture Modelling, Automotive Electronics, etc.

4.Embedded Software Engineer
Skills: Embedded C, IOT, STM32, CAN, 12C, etc.

5.Supply Chain Engineer
Skills: Communication skills, Purchase & and order, Inventory, etc.

6.Battery Design Engineer
Skills: CAD, Drawings, DFMEA, BOM, etc.

7.Sales And Marketing
Skills: Sales Operations, Prospecting, Sales Contract, Data Analysis, etc.

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Skills in relevant domain that you are applying.

About the Company

Adiabatic Technologies is a startup founded by IITians that specializes in building intelligent Lithium-ion Batteries. These batteries can be fast charged in just 20 minutes, have a 10X slower degradation rate for a longer lifespan, and offer unparalleled safety.

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